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Dr. Malik Muhammad


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About Dr. Malik Muhammad


Dr. Malik Muhammad is a seasoned clinical director and psychologist with over 20 years of expertise in the mental health profession. He is passionate about his work in the field and considers it to be extremely important. 

From his BA in Psychology from United States International University to his Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology to his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University, Malik has worked hard to acquire his degrees. Even more so, he has dedicated years to being a silent witness and observer of the mental health system and how it can be improved upon, This is especially true in cases of cultural divides or mental illness.

Malik noticed this disconnect between problematic children and adults who needed help and the specialists assigned to their situations. He witnessed these linguistic and cultural obstacles while working in group homes and inner-city groups. Both of these factors made it difficult for people to get the aid they needed, and he recognized that the lack of diversity in administration was harming a substantial number of minorities’ mental health journeys, especially with so many different cultural origins.

Soon after Dr. Malik Muhammad earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he launched Elite Biobehavioral. This treatment center is customer-focused using a culturally sensitive approach. Every individual, according to Dr. Muhammad, should have access to culturally competent therapy services, regardless of their origin. Mental health, in Dr. Muhammad’s opinion, is not something to be embarrassed or judged by, but rather it needs to be recognized as a component of society.

This training broadened his understanding of atypical therapeutic techniques, allowing him to create a distinct therapeutic approach that is always client-centered. His experience as a multicultural and group conflict resolution consultant allows him to assist clients in obtaining a long-term and often life-changing sense of worthiness. In addition, through consulting at schools, he is able to adjust to the changing times and relate to youth on a relatable level. He stays in touch with 21st-century protocols by visiting schools, mentoring instructors, and advising, assessing, and analyzing difficulties.

I Dreamt of Being Me is a cause near and dear to his heart. This Durham, North Carolina-based non-profit was founded to improve the mental and physical health of low-income communities of color.

Dr. Malik Muhammad’s other fields of study include individual therapy, couples dealing with relationship challenges and sexual dysfunctions. All elements of a relationship and family are connected, which is why emotional disconnects in a relationship can lead to issues at home, work or school. Because of his expertise in individual, marital, and family therapy, Malik is able to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions to his clients’ interpersonal and intimate relationship problems. In addition to couples and individual therapy, Dr. Malik Muhammad specializes in chronic pain treatment, weight control, and emotional overeating.

In addition to his work, Dr. Malik Muhammad is a published author. His book, My Silent Loud, was written to reach out to all black men looking for a way to be heard in life.

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